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IAA 91-94

About IAA 91-94

IAA 91-94 is space of alumni collaboration (periode 1991-1994) to give a community service for society which founded and consepted by Yudi Kurniawan and his fellow team members.

Here will be displaying all the information of IAA as in our Discussion's Forum which is one of our place to meet, discuss, brainstorming of the current, past and future programes. Also some posts in our blog which tell us the update status and or event plus its images in gallery by the committee's member. And in accomodating such those activities we do collaborate online via email, sharing documents and calendar in our dedicated section for alumni.

To support us, we welcome you to donate using paypal (details in blog) or into our local bank in Indonesia through this account:

  • BRI Cabang Jatiroto
  • Account Name Agustin Diana Fitri
  • Account Number 6323 - 01 - 008169 - 53 - 1

May God will always bless and grace us all for always be gratefull and never take it for granted of what we have now, in our past and will get through in the future, ameen.

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